First blog post

oh crap this goddam computer stuff is going to drive me mad…Im  sooo  fedup with online Trading Quantum Code….they sounded so honest noboby was going stop me from gettin rich ….even CodeFibo  and sasha she so sweet talking about wonderful opportunities to make lots of Money in the autotradingonlineW orld … and their Thieves they happily take your money and you make a cent  ….yes I sent quantum code 340.00$$$$ ThreeHundredandFortydollars photo copied all my credentials drivers licence credit cards front and back  and it wasn’t good enough  sorry dude you don’t can quit But we have severe penalties I was so excited about trading   online and finally makinMoney  these guys were  so honest….Im old and r etired just learning this computer stuff savin nickels and dimes to pay for my internet hookup….Me and my cat Bubba  we was already to go out an buy a house the money was gonna be rollin in  But Karma got me I guess I was a Thief growin  up  didn’t know any better uh this is supposed to be Humor its not funny at all….my first Blog  I might get those thieves yet….you just cant trust the internet depends how you use it  guess Google now  I thought that was god cant trust them either   holy shit  good thing I got QiGong….

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